Hey Dears!
Bad news..
Due to som problems, we're closing down . )):
Sorry but orders where payments havent been made will be cancelled.
So sorry!!!!
Instocks are still for sale but all pre-orders will be closed.

Thanks to all who have supported us!

Hey dears! Those tht have wanted to look at the bangles other colours,
Here they are!



$2.50 for 4.
i have 3 sets,
its pretty and cheap!
1 is already reserved (:
its 6cm wide

Order status !

Envelope wallet pre-order 1 
Cheryl (Paid) (ARRIVED)
-rose pink x1
-hot pink x2

-White x1 (Paid) (COLLECTED)

3 for $12 Rings Pre-Order 1
Caps 6/3 (CLOSED) : (ARRIVED) *awaiting collection*
Clarice (Paid):
-Ribbon Ring
-Flower Ring(Silver)
-Flower Ribbon Ring(Pink)

Song Yuping (Paid):
-Owl Ring
-Belt Buckle Ring
-Rat Ring(gold)

Wafiyah (Paid)
-Smoochies Ring (Red)
-Triple Star Ring
-Vintage Rose Ring

Shop's Caps Filler (Paid) :
-Triple Star Ring x1 (Reserved by BL)
-Summer Leaf Ring x1
-Rose Ring x1
-White Heart Ring x1
-Jewel Ribbon Ring (White) x1
-Jewel Ribbon Ring (Ivory) x1
-Jewelled Heart x1
-Starry Ring (Silver) x1
-Vintage Rose Ring x1

Fred Perry Bags Pre-order 1 
Caps 4/3 
(CLOSED): ( ARRIVED) *awaiting collection*
Song YuPing - Green polkadot bag #1 x1(Paid) (COLLECTED)
Sarah Seet - Black polkadot bag #2 x1(Ppaid)
Tan Siying - Plain Yellow bag #12 (Paid)
Xinyu - Peach Hot Pink bag #15 (Paid)

Smiley Folding Pouch Pre-order 1 
Caps 3/3 
Song YuPing - Bluish Green Smiley Pouch (Paid)
Sarah Seet - Hot Pink Smiley Pouch (Paid)
Charmaine - Baby Pink Smiley Pouch (Paid)

Envelope Wallet pre-order 2: 
caps: 1/3
Yingxi-White Wallet x1  (Paid)

3 for $12 Rings Pre-Order 2
Caps 3/3(CLOSED)
Hazel Guo (Paid)
- LOVE Ring x1
- Poker Card Ring x1
- Triple Star Ring x1

Jiawen (Paid)
-Triple Star Ring x2
-Silver Heart Ring x2
-Devil Ring x1
-Fishbone Ring x1

3 for $12 Necklace Preorder 1
Caps 3/3(CLOSED)
Hazel Guo (Paid)
-Saranghae Necklace x1
-LOVE Necklace x1 
-Red Heart Necklace x1

JiaHui (Paid)
-Ribbon Necklace x3

Li Ting (Paid)
-Saranghae necklace x1
-Pink Violin x1
-Bronze Key x1

Camera Necklace Pre-Order 1:
BL-Black Camera Necklace x1 (Paid)

Metal Frame Wallet Pre-Order 1:
BL- Checkered Version (Blue) (Paid)
Jiawen-Tiles Series (White) (Paid)

Geek Specs Pre-Order 1:
Rosemarie: (COLLECTED)
-Black Large Rectangle x1
-W/o Skull @ side, Black x1


Hey Dears!
we've got good news!
the rings and necklaces
you can now mix them together! 
isn't that great?
 the prices are still th same except that 
now we sell one! 
1 is for $4.50
3 for $12.80 
how awesome right?
but this applies only to the NEW rings and necklaces pictures,
not the old ones. 

so hurry and do order now! :D